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helping feral cats

“You can help keep us healthy"

Just a few dollars can go a long way.   Our guardians buy our cat food at the Kona Costco.  It is only $18.99 for a huge 25lb bag of premium cat food.  That last us for 2 weeks! Or feel free to buy us some dry/wet food and a caretaker will arrange to pick it up

Volunteers feed us daily and provide us with medical care. These guardians pay for our care and cat food out of their own pocket.  They also bring us gallons of fresh water. There are no sources of fresh water on the Kona side of the island. No rivers, no lakes, no streams, nada.

Some of us cats were dumped
here by humans who for whatever reason no longer wanted us.  But most us are offspring of one blue tabby cat "mama." It is even hard to tell us apart as most of us look like mama. We have returned to a feral (wild) state and now fear humans.


You can help


We are very lucky cats to have such good guardians.  They go above and beyond to help us and our big island brothers and sisters.  We through no fault of our own have been reduced to a feral state.  But we appreciate the kindness of the both the locals and visitors. 
Meow Mahalo from the Kua Kats

One of our guardians insisted

we get our own cat page on Facebook.  They take pictures and talk about us a lot.  

educate your children on the importance of spaying/neutering

KEEPING KUA BAY beach rat free